Monday, January 01, 2007

Subversion Service

Installing a subversion service on Windows is pretty straight forward, but I got tripped up on a couple of things installing it a second time.

  1. First, get Subversion and install using the MSI. The version I installed was 1.42.
  2. Install the windows service. I can't remember if the installer does this automaticly or not. To do it manually just run the following command: svnservice -install -d -r C:\YourRepositoryRoot. This will configure the Subversion service to run as a service and it will look in the C:\YourRepositoryRoot directory for Subversion repositories.
  3. To change the repository root later just run the with the setup argument: svnservice -setup -d -r C:\YourRepositoryRoot.
That should be all that is needed to get the Subversion service up and running. You will of course need to create subversion repositories in the root directory, but I'll leave that to another blog.


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Chris said...

Thank goodness I don't have to know this! :)